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Difference between JPEG and RAW

I prefer RAW files because of the better higher quality than JPEG. RAW has the higher file quality.  Yes, you can change a RAW file to a JPEG file in photoshop.  I would shoot it RAW because it has higher quality than JPEG.

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Body, Shape and Form

neck, necklaces, chains, gold, hair, blonde highlights, mouth, lips, marienna, jawline, nose

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Alphabet Word

5 things I learned in photography.

I learned about what Aperture is.

I learned what ISO means in a camera.

I learned how to use photoshop.

I learned how to use Lightroom.

I know that the afternoon is Golden Hour to take photos.

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Camera Modes

Automatic mode is when you just take photos without editing anything on the ISO or aperture.

Portrait Mode is when select a large aperture.

Macro Mode is when you get a close up of an object

Landscape Mode is when you have small aperture

Sports Mode is when you shot moving objects.

Night mode is when you have low light

Movie Mode is when you capture moving images

AV Mode when you choose the aperture to fit the lighting

TV Mode is when you select a fast shutter speed

P Mode is when you have flash

Manual Mode is when you manually change everything like the ISO and Aperture

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Body Parts

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Photograph Career

  1. Which photography related career(s) are you most interested in? I’m intreated in self-portraits.
  2. After doing some research on the career, what are some of the job responsibilities? I have to take pictures of myself with a tripod.
  3. What is the basic salary (in the location you would like to live in)? It depends on where you are, Beverly Hills
  4. What interests you about this field? Taking pictures of myself and being creative
  5. What education and skills would you need to get a good job in the field? Be able to have good lighting and an active imagination.
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Studio Portrait

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 1. What is the purpose of the main light?

To show the person in a good light to cover any imperfections in the studio

2. What is the purpose of the fill light?

To fill any imperfections in the studio

3. List the lighting patterns.

Buttefly clamshel split, short

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Studio Portrait Critique

#pretty #ariana #grande #whiteandblack #gorgeous #beautiful #beauty #prettiest #ponytail #bestsinger #singer #talented #longponytail #makeup #goodmakeup #lashes #lips #eyes #white #gown #brunette #moontattoo #neck #amazing #excelent #

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Self Timer Photo

Focal Length: 18.00
Exposure: 1/800 sec;
ISO 200;





nice, kind, sweet,

Caring, loyal, trustworthy, mean sometimes, sweet, bossy, ambitious, agreeable, approachable. brilliant, rightminded, cheerful consistent, curious, discreet, emotional, ethical, euphoric, fantastic, brilliant

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